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World Investment Award “Investment Angel” is supported by the State Duma and the Federation Council

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October 27, 2010, the Federation Council held a meeting of the Expert Council of the World Investment Award “Investment Angel”.

Opening the meeting, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Federation Affairs and Regional Policy, Chairman of the General Council of the World Organization of Creditors (since 2015 the World Organization for Development) – Rafgat Altynbaev told the participants about the goals and objectives of the award. “The award is given for professionalism, competence and achievements in the field of investment in the development, production and sale of competitive and high-quality products and services. The purpose of the award is to form an objective picture of the investment market, both at the international and regional levels,” R. Altynbaev noted.

The founder of the award is the World Organization of Creditors (since 2015, the World Organization for Development). The Expert Council of the award includes members of the Federation Council, deputies of the State Duma, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Association of Russian Banks, and political and public figures.

Before the meeting of the Expert Council in the Federation Council, a presentation of a valuable award – the Investment Angel statuette – took place.

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Members of the Expert Council of the Award exchanged views on the content of the Award nominations and the criteria for determining laureates. On the basis of official statistics, based on expert opinions, the results of the work of governments of various countries and individual regions to attract investment in recent years will be summed up, as well as vectors for further development of the global investment market, both in the foreseeable future and in the long term. In addition, it is planned to directly encourage potential investors and design solutions that have managed to attract funding.

It was noted at the meeting that the Investment Angel Award is designed to stimulate the development of various sectors of the economy, help increase the investment attractiveness of Russia and the CIS countries, and also stimulate the investment activity of investors and the projects they invest. In addition, it is designed to form public opinion and achieve recognition of the professional merits and achievements of the nominees and laureates, as well as to help identify innovations and effective anti-crisis solutions in the current economic conditions.
According to the voting results of the Expert Council, 22 laureates were determined in the following categories: “Leaders of the World Economy”, “Economic Leaders of the CIS Countries”, “The Most Investment Attractive Regions of Russia”, “The Most Successful Investment Project”, “The Largest Foreign Investor in Russia”, “The Largest investment bank”, “On protection of investments”. The award ceremony will take place on December 21, 2010, in Moscow.

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