World Organization for Development
The World Organization for Development has been endowed with consultative status with the UN ECOSOC since 2014. The World Organization for Development, which has consultative status wich the UN ECOSOC, develops and implements Global Initiatives to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Mission WOD

Mission of the World Organization for Development

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Mission of the World Organization for Development

To endorse achieving sustainable development in the world in accordance to the UN SDG till 2030:

• Encourage and promote initiatives and projects implemented by the United Nations to achieve the SDG;
• Provide objective information about the economic, social and political situation in various states and their regions that are directly or indirectly affect the achievement of sustainable development on their territories;
• To contribute to economic prosperity of developed and developing countries, paying special attention to developing and promoting states’ and regions’ investment opportunities on the international arena;
• Strengthen civil society to help their state government in achieving the UN SDG.


The objectives of the World Organization for Development:

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• Provide a fair assessment of the economy and investment attractiveness of the developed and developing states and its regions on the basis of independent analytical research;
• To interact with world′s leading media publications and provide them with independent data about the state of economy and investment attractiveness of a country, a region or an industry in order to create a positive investment image and investment climate to attract and increase foreign direct investment;
• Demonstrate current states’ and regions’ opportunities on the international arena, including the United Nations;
• Award with a special prize: private and public companies, states and its regions, investors and manufacturers, –  who make a significant contribution to the implementation of  the UN SDG on their territories.

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